A Solution

OK. The Democrats are trying to figure out a way to block the surge in the troop levels in Iraq without blocking funding for the troops. Hard to do, considering that any non binding resolution in Congress will be ignored by the President.

I think I have a simple solution to their problem.

Impeach him.

Heck, the Republicans impeached Clinton for chasing after a skirt. No one died, No one got hurt. Families didn’t lose a loved one in a senseless war.

What did Bush do? He mistakenly said that there were weapons of Mass Destruction, which there were not. He said that that Sadam was a menace, which could be argued as ridiculus. That the mission was accomplished, when it hasn’t.

He hasn’t done what the Costitution asked him to do; protect the people of the United States. For this he should get a free reign? I don’t think so.

The Democrats should pass a resolution asking that the surge be cancelled. Then warn the President that further action will-be forth coming if he continues to do what he has done to the soldiers and families of those soldiers, including beginning impeachment proceedings. Maybe that will get the president to change his mind.

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