Monthly Archives: February 2007

Hey Paczki

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday across the nation, the last celebration before Lent. In the Midwest, especially the Chicago area, it was Pazcki Day. Mainly, the eating of that rich pastry, cream or fruit filled, that the Polish eat before Lent, in part to get rid of the eggs, lard and butter before Lent. While we […]

Is This Crazy Or What

OK. I told all of you last time that I am trying to get a publisher or agent to take a look at my second novel. I expect rejection, a lot of it. What I didn’t expect was someone to express interest in the book after only 5 day and about 12 requests sent out. […]

Electronic Rejection

Electronic Rejection Just for all of you on Valentine’s Day, a story of rejection. As you may know I have begun to peddle my second novel to a publisher or agent. Researching the whole process I found that one could a e-mail query to prospective agents in hope that they would be interested and ask […]

Slogging Through Another Week

Well, I’m slogging through the week here. It’s still cold and even a little snowy. Not like upper New York State, certainly, but certainly enough to keep us in the deep freeze. So, the Colts won the Super Bowl. I figured that would happen. It seems like the Chicago teams usually find a way to […]

The Cold, The Bears and Other Things

I’ve been busy lately, doing household things going to work and doing a little editing of my second book. Seems like I can’t fit everything into a 24 -hour period. Of course, if I could eliminate sleeping….. But that’s one of my favorite things, especially in the winter! It’s cold up here in Northwest Indiana. […]