Electronic Rejection

Electronic Rejection

Just for all of you on Valentine’s Day, a story of rejection.

As you may know I have begun to peddle my second novel to a publisher or agent. Researching the whole process I found that one could a e-mail query to prospective agents in hope that they would be interested and ask that you send them the whole manuscript, either snail mail or electronic.

The other side to this is you can get rejections in the same manner. That’s what happened to me yesterday.

Like a good part of the country, I was stuck inside waiting for the snowstorm to subside. After working on my last novel and doing some editing I decided to check out some agents that may want to look at my book. This time I’m going to legitimate websites that show the profiles of real agents. I know that there are a lot of sham sites and a lot of people that want to just rip you off, so I check the background of the sites of some of the people that I want to send my work to. It’s a slow haul, but eventually worth the effort. At least I would have a chance if I really want to hit the big time.

Well, anyway I send a query off to one agent who accepts e-mail requests. In about a half an hour later, I get a reply; a rejection of course. Isn’t technology wonderful? You can send a query, a small sample of your work and a short time later, get rejected. No longer do you have to wait days and weeks to get a rejection reply back. Now you can feel like a lot of famous authors and in a nanosecond get the feeling that you are popular, if not approved.

I got a few more queries out. I’m sure the same thing will happen. It may not seem like fun, but I hope they reply, even if it’s only a rejection, At least I’ll know they read the stuff.


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