Hey Paczki

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday across the nation, the last celebration before Lent. In the Midwest, especially the Chicago area, it was Pazcki Day. Mainly, the eating of that rich pastry, cream or fruit filled, that the Polish eat before Lent, in part to get rid of the eggs, lard and butter before Lent.

While we in America celebrate this tradition on the Tuesday before Lent. Those in Poland usually celebrate this on the last Thursday before Lent, the beginning of the week of celebration before the penitential season.

Of course I had one of those calorie -laden treats yesterday. My Mother, God bless her, had to have one. She feels that her Polish Membership Card would be taken away if she didn’t have a Pazcki (Pronounced pounch-ki) if she didn’t have one. Who is to say that wouldn’t happen?

A lot of people turn Polish that day. In the paper there was a black Polish person wolfing down the delicacy. I’ll say no more.

Not everyone in the country have this tradition. My sister in the southwest doesn’t have many bakeries that know about the tradition. I guess she’ll have to make do with what she can find. For me, I’m glad I’m living around here. I can get my fill. I only ate one though. I can’t afford much more health-wise.

Hope you had your Paczki yesterday, A year take a  long time to pass

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