Why I’ll never Become a Famous Blogger

Yes, I’d love to be considered a famous blogger. There’s no money in it. Just the idea that hundreds, If not thousands would read your every word. That people will e-mail you or add comments by the score to any thing that you would write. That’s not going to happen to me, I’m sure of that. Why? Let me tell you.

Sure, I’ve had many read my thoughts, over 700 hundred, unofficially, I estimate have read my stuff. But they won’t drive people to tune in every day for these reasons:

1) I don’t write every day. I don’t have the time. Life keeps getting in the way. Taking care of things at home, work and whatever else that I care to do or not to do, takes the place of writing a good piece every day. In other words, I’m too lazy to sit down and write every day.

2) I don’t write controversial stuff, I figure if I say I’m against the war in Iraq, nobody will listen, especially the President. If he won’t listen to what a good part of Congress is saying or what the majority of the American people are saying, Is he really going to listen to little ‘ol me? I doubt it. I rather not waste my breath.  I have breath now, why use it on anyone who won’t listen?

3) I don’t talk about my job, or family much, certainly not in a negative way. What if someone did read my stuff, family or a co-worker? I could have a lot of people mad at me. Couldn’t stand the criticism. I think I’ll keep my mouth shut.

4) I’m not sure if I have a lot of time to read all those comments if they were given to me. If I don’t have time to write every day, I probably don’t have time to write back.

5) All of you don’t have the time, if you are like me to write comments, anyway. So why bother to look for any?

Yep, you won’t see my blog highlighted on CNN or Fox. I guess I’d better be happy to toil in obscurity. The only good thing is that my words can be out in cyber space forever. Maybe, like other famous authors, I’ll be discovered after I pass away.



  1. jd1stdown
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  2. Posted March 7, 2007 at 1:38 am | Permalink

    LOL, Do a little joking about no one reading your work and someone proves me a liar! Thanks!

  3. nicelady27
    Posted March 7, 2007 at 2:55 am | Permalink

    I did a search for blogs and yours was great!! I really like your comment about “life getting in the way”, that is true. Life should always come first, before anything. Some people seem almost adicted to blogs. I hope your blog continues to grow!!!

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