Chomping On A Few Things

Well, this is the start of spring. The weather got warmer around here, just in time for the new season. Reflecting on winter, I don’t really think it was all bad.

Yeah, we had a cold stretch in February, but I remember worse. It remember winters where we had weeks of below freezing temps, some below zero. One time we had snow in November and I didn’t see green grass (or at least bare ground) till March. So, for me a few weeks of cold and snow I could put up with.

Went to the post office today to get stamps.  Get this, They sold me 39 cent stamps for 41cents because they are waiting for the ‘forever stamps’ to come out in May and need to get rid of the old stamps first. No wonder people have turned to e-mail.

Began working on a new book while waiting on word from the literary agent about whether they will sigh me up as a client and sell my other book. I’m waiting word on a publisher, also. I’m surprised that anyone is interested in the book. But, I thought while I’m waiting, I might as well continue writing.

The new novel is quite a challenge. More or less a serious book, it is going to take a lot of time to write. I don’t know if I’m up to the challenge. My other stories are much lighter in tone and more my style. Maybe if I throw in a few lighter moments, I’ll enjoy writing it better.

Well back to the writing, Catch you all later!

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