50 Word Novels Again

50 Word Novels Again

I usually go beyond 50 words these days. But occasionally I still try and write 50 word novels.  So, I thought I’d print a few here and see what happens.

The idea is to write a story using no more than 50 words. It’s not as easy as it seems. What I want to do is to get you to think and write in a short burst and see what you come up with. If any one sends me a challenge or a 50 word novel, I’ll take you up on the challenge and print yours up, giving you full credit for you effort.

Here’s the first one. I wrote this a couple of years ago:

Dog Training

Clyde the healthy, champion Siberian husky looked at the fat, lazy dogs he had to work with and said, “Ok, heads up, tails in. Do 50 laps around the block double time, you overgrown lazy mutts good for nothing mutts. And no stopping and sniffing the fire hydrants!”

See what I mean. Can any of you come up with something like that?


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