Monthly Archives: April 2007

Sammy Watch #7

Well Sammy Sosa has now hit 7 HR this season. Which means he has only 5 to go to get to 600 HR. Also his three he has hit in Jacobs Field in Cleveland broken the record as the most ball parks that a player has hit homeruns in, at 44. I think it is […]

Another 50 Word Novel

Here’s an old 50 word novel I found. It was written before my heart-lung transplant. The Operation The doctors came in and ripped out my heart and lungs and put in a new pair. Soon I became very intelligent, like Einstein and Freud. I no longer wanted to read my Superman comic books and watch […]

Rating Some Blog Sites

I thought I’d rate some of the blog sites that I’ve used in the last few months and years. This is by no means scientific, but just my opinion of the site and how it generates traffic. It should be noted that all of these sites are free and can be used by any one. […]

I Feel For Those Affected

The events at Virginia Tech are all too familiar in today’s world. We have come to almost expect violence like what occurred there to happen. I feel for all who are affected by this senseless tragedy. It shouldn’t have occurred. We need to use common sense and see that when individuals are in pain or […]

A Junkyard Dog In A Poodle World

Recently, at work, I heard that someone had received a job without having to go through the bidding process. Just was handed the job. Now I’m not angry with that, although I think I have the qualifications to do the job. It did get me to think however: Seems like that person got the job […]

Passing Of A Legend

This morning I woke to the news that the author Kurt Vonnegut had died. He had always been one of my favorite authors when I was younger. I had read many of his books, including “Slaughterhouse Five” and “Cat’s Cradle.” His works were satirical in nature and held a hefty amount of cynicism. While I […]

Look Before You Leap

As I have mentioned before I have been in the process of trying to find an agent for my writing, especially my last novel, “In The Company of Legends.” I had one lead that seemed promising and pursued it. Lo and behold, I received an offer of representation. But there was a catch. The agency […]

Sammy Watch #5

While Sammy isn’t hitting well at this point (at.200), he was instrumental in the Texas Rangers first win of the year at home 2-0 over the Boston Red Sox. He got an RBI in the game to help insure the win. I’ll visit the scene again in a few weeks for an update Oh Yeah! […]

Another 50 Word Novel

I thought I’d offer you another 50 Word Novel. Since it’s Easter, here’s one with a little religion thrown in. Nun’s Night Out Sr. Hilda and Sr. Clare had never been In a Wal-Mart. “Lord, bless us,” cried Sr. Clare. She knew she had been blessed. She thought she had died and went straight to […]

A Fun Way To Waste Time

Yes, I’ll admit it. I waste a lot of time on my computer. Especially playing games. When I was recovering from the heart-lung transplant, I discovered that there were site that allowed me to further my passions for sports, by allowing me to manage a sports team. Originally, I played on the strat-o-matic site and […]