A Fun Way To Waste Time

Yes, I’ll admit it. I waste a lot of time on my computer. Especially playing games. When I was recovering from the heart-lung transplant, I discovered that there were site that allowed me to further my passions for sports, by allowing me to manage a sports team.

Originally, I played on the strat-o-matic site and played baseball. But the cost and the fact that I was mad at them for taking away the Mac version of their computer baseball game, led me to play at Whatifsports.com. There they not only had baseball: but also football and basketball.

You can play using the greats: whether it be Ruth or Mantle (or my favorite, Banks), Unitas or Payton, or Jordan or Shaq. Build the right combination and you can win the championship in that sport. I never got that far, but did get a team in the play-offs in both baseball and football. I’ve won about 1100 games but have lost about 1200. Not a great record.

My newest kick is running a College Basketball program. The site offers a Hoops Dynasty. This is a little different than the other programs. While the college and the program you run are real, the players are all sim players. Much like playing the Sims.

First you recruit, Just try to entice a sim basketball player to join your program. It is not an easy prospect, especially with a limited budget. Then once the recruiting season is over you practice and get ready for your first game. You play two exhibition and ten non- conference games before you play your conference schedule. Then there are two pst season tournaments. One is like the NCAA Tournament and the other is like the NIT. Once those are completed, you start the next season, if you signed up for another season.

Did I mention you start at the bottom? Yep, with a Division III school. It will take you a while until you can be good enough to take on a major Division I school. Like about 10 to 15 seasons, unless you know the sims system well enough to breeze on by.

I don’t that’s for sure. I was 9-20 at my chosen school, Augustana for my first season. Though I fid got 4-4 my last 8 games. I’m playing next season, which will start in April and another one after that. I don’t know if I’ll keep playing after that; there are so many other sports worlds, I want to conquer. More baseball, football are all waiting for me to be the best coach I can be, Wish me luck.

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