A Junkyard Dog In A Poodle World

Recently, at work, I heard that someone had received a job without having to go through the bidding process. Just was handed the job. Now I’m not angry with that, although I think I have the qualifications to do the job. It did get me to think however:

Seems like that person got the job because they knew someone or is one of those people who have the luck to get the breaks. In other words, he or she is a poodle. That’s not bad, just that the circumstances make them a special breed of person than most of us in life.

Most of us are junkyard dogs. We go to work, do our jobs, raise our families, and take care of our homes etc., without getting recognition or any advancement in rank, pay, and praise.

Yet, without us all those poodles would be nothing. If the work place is not cleaned, it the supplies are not delivered, if the orders are not taken etc. that poor poodle would be a mass of a hairball, with bad breath. We, the junkyard dogs of life and job make the poodle look good. We keep them sprite and smiling. But we’re the one who make it happen.

I’ve started to give up trying to reach poodle status. I’m going to keep my junkyard dog attitude and do my best and occasionally let the poodles in life know where their good looks come from. The junkyard dogs make it happen.


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