Rating Some Blog Sites

I thought I’d rate some of the blog sites that I’ve used in the last few months and years. This is by no means scientific, but just my opinion of the site and how it generates traffic. It should be noted that all of these sites are free and can be used by any one.

I chose three here because these are then ones that I use in getting the word out on what I am doing and thinking at any one time. All three are different in the audience and what they can do for you.

First id Myspace. While I like it and it has given me the most hits, there are some drawbacks. It’s mainly for the younger set, which I am not really a part of. That said, it does have good tools that are easy to use and the feedback is pretty fast. Still there are times I am ready to drop them. Mostly because of the youth angle and the type of other blogs that are published there,

Yahoo has given me a lot of hits. However, very little feed back. In the year that I have used them in my network of blogs, I have never received even one comment. If it wasn’t for the hit count, I would say it has been disappointing. It is easy to use, however. Especially as for setting up and accessing the site from myyahoo.com

Now, wordpress.com has been the most impressive. In the month and a half using the site, it has given me an impressive amount of hits and enough comments and feedback that I feel satisfied in using the site as much as I can.

The worst Site is dablogs. It doesn’t give you hits, unless you use some other application. Sometimes people hijack and spam the site, and you can’t ping other sites well. I use it to send to a few friends my blogs. If it wasn’t for that I’d get rid of it.

There you have it, a very unscientific look at the various blog sites that I use. Hope it help you if you are looking for a site to display your bolg!


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