If I Were President, Part One

I had been thinking of writing this for a long time. Most of the time my blogs are of a lighthearted nature. I have avoided the obvious. But there are three issues in particular that I have some strong feelings about. They are on Iraq, terrorism and Immigration. Let me take on Iraq and terrorism first. They are linked together because the present administration links them together, I’m not as sure that they always do.

First, we should get out of Iraq. It has not done us any good there. Why are we there? We really don’t know. So far the administration has given us reasons that have turned out to be untrue or based on wrong information. It has hurt us at home and abroad. Thousands of lives have been lost to no good cause or reason. It was a mistake and we should acknowledge it get out and move on and out.

Second, we should make it a policy of our government to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice. We should tell Pakistan and Afghanistan both publicly and privately that we are going into their country to do one thing and one thing only: To bring Bin Laden to justice for 9-11. Once we capture or kill him, we get out of those countries, period.

To bring Bin Laden to justice would take away the poster boy of Islamic terrorism. Without the head of Al Queda on the loose, much of the leadership, symbolically and in reality would be in disarray. Then, if there are other cells in the Middle East and elsewhere we could perhaps be able to round them up much easier than we do now.

I believe that no matter what timetable or plan we use, Bush’s or the Democrats, Iraq will fall into chaos, unless Bin Laden is finally taken out of the equation.

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