Transplant Warriors

This isn’t a phrase I coined to describe those who are waiting, or have received a transplant (In my case a heart-lung). But a moderator of an online support group that I recently joined called those who go through the process warriors. I agree.

I think anyone who goes through any transplant: heart, lung, kidney, liver etc are warriors in a true sense. There’s the waiting to be on a list to receive an organ, knowing that you might not live long enough to receive this precious gift.

Then there’s the transplant itself. The operations are long and it takes a toll on a person, the first few days are critical as you are on strong medication to get your body to accept your new organ.

Then there are the many complications that one goes through as you take anti rejection medication for the rest of life. For many, there’s other medication to take to counteract the side affects of that medication. In many ways, the transplant is always the main focus of your existence as long as you live,

After reading some of the others stories, I consider myself lucky and blessed. I have had few side affects from the medication I take, especially compared to others. I work part time, take care of things at home, including my mother, who has not been as well as in the past. I also been able to write and even make a little money on what I write.

Some in our group have had it worse, whether waiting for a transplant or afterward. I salute them. It’s easy to say you are a warrior when things are going well. But truly be a warrior, one has to be in battle, some of these folks are in one every day. I only hope I can be strong as they are if or most likely when I have a bigger battle to fight.

Oh yeah! Happy Mothers Day: whether your transplant warrior or not. Raising kids these days brings out the warrior in you in any circumstance.


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