Working Around An Illegal Duck

Well, today I was working around the yard: you know, putting weed and feed on the grass. Just like a real suburban homemaker. I can actually say it was enjoyable. I never thought I’d end up doing stuff like this. Before the transplant I couldn’t walk a hundred feet, much less push a lawn spreader around. Now, I’m doing the lawn and hoeing the garden. What a difference 5 years makes.

While working in the back, I had to step around the duck that graces our entryway to the deck. It’s been part of out lawn decorations over the last 3 or 4 years.

It belonged to out next-door neighbor. One day they had thrown it out in the alley. If I remember the head had fallen off. My mother took the duck from the alley and hid it in the enclosed patio. There it sat for a couple of years, until our neighbor moved.

My mother no longer felt that she had to hide her robbery and proceeded to put the duck out to where it stands guard today.

It’s an illegal duck you know. It got help sneaking across the border to our house. It demands its rights. Each year in the fall I have to put it back in the enclosed patio. Each spring I have to put it out in the same place. It does nothing productive, just sits there, taking up room and making me work. But my Mom likes it and what the heck, it’s better than being sent back to the alley. Then it would just be a wasted pile of concrete, with no meaning at all.


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