Post Memorial Day Thoughts

Well, I stayed home on Memorial Day and watched the local parade that passes down our street each and every year since I can remember. It’s never large or fancy; just a few organizations and local little league baseball teams that do the marching and hold a short service at St Casimir Church that has a Veteran Memorial on their property.

As a kid, a bunch of us used to follow the parade on our bikes all the way to the church and watch the old Vets shoot their 21- gun salute to their fallen friends. Along the way, one of us would have the Indianapolis 500 on the radio. It was always held on Memorial Day and not the Sunday before. It also was the only race that mattered then. NASCAR didn’t really exist.

These days, I’m content to just standing on the corner with the rest of the neighbors and take in the parade. Most of the old friends are gone now. Some are living elsewhere; some are disabled; some are even dead. It may sound sad, but it’s really a part of life. I’m not unhappy, just taking the time, remembering a great time being a kid in the Calumet Region,

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