It Was 40 Years Ago Today

I was going to write about something else until I heard on the news that it was 40 tears ago, today, that the Beatles released Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band album.

I was a musical breakthrough for both the Beatles and for popular music. The recording studio became an art lab and The Beatles became more than just 4 guys playing guitar and drums.

There were many times that I’ve listened to that album. The first time was at English class in High School. Both in its musicianship and its lyrics are in part why I write today. Not that I’ll ever be as good as them, but to try to raise a little bit of consciousness in others of what we can do with a little imagination and enthusiasm.

So much has changed. Rock music is no longer the driving force in top 40 lists today and two of the Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison have passed away. To me the music is as fresh today as it was then. If it weren’t, then why would a news show remember an album that is 40 years old?


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    Fellow boomer here. Enjoyed poking around your site. The music references get my attention. I know every generation thinks their music is the best, but ours really WAS! Good job. Anita

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