Be Careful With The Prescription Drug Plan

As many of you may know, I am a heart-lung transplant recipient and take a very expensive medication to help me keep my new organs. I was receiving that medication from one place for only a shipping fee until the Medicare prescription plan came into effect.

I switched to the plan I now have in part because they quoted a cost that was reasonable and I could manage. What they did not ever clearly tell me was that they really based my cost on the discounted cost of the drug with the plan, not what I pay after the plan pays their cost. Now, I’m in the donut hole and have to pay 100% of the cost up until $3850.

I agree it’s partly my fault. Perhaps I should have looked deeper into the matter. But I’m thinking, if I can make a mistake, what are seniors doing? Unless they get help by people smarter than me, then they might have a problem, also.

There are two things the government needs to fix with the Medicare program. First Medicare needs to allow the program to negotiate prices so that all who need it can get a better price for the drugs that are needed much more cheaply than they are now.

Second, Medicare needs to make the insurance companies show exactly what someone would pay for drugs. They should not be lulled into thinking that these plans are the best things since baked bread. If companies are not being truthful they should be taken off the program.

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    “Now, I’m in the donut hole and have to pay 100% of the cost up until $3850.”

    There are a variety of plans available that eliminate the doughnut hole and the deductible. Take care when choosing your plan each year, as things change from year to year within each plan.

    Now that you have started Medicare part d, you probably need to stay with it as alternatives may not exist unless you look to Canada or Mexico for cheaper drugs

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