Paper Glut

Remember when it was thought that computers would eliminate the need for paper. We were on the way to a paperless society. No need to have files of paper around, just go to the computer and get whatever information you needed. Who needs paper it’s on a disk.

It hasn’t worked out that way. It appears that everyone wants ‘hard copy,’ whether it be e-mails, insurance reports, figures on what your business is doing or any other of a thousand things we need to keep us informed.

No computer is complete without a printer. Printers come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and capabilities. We can even have printers that can now print our digital pictures, eliminating the need to go and have pictures printed by someone else. We can now be our own photographer and developer, at the same time, in the same day perhaps.

We can now even be our own authors and publishers, Thanks to companies like Lulu. Com, Blurb, or Booksurge. Anyone can write a book, format the manuscript and send it digitally to a company and within a few days to a few weeks can have a book out on the market. No sweat.

A couple of caveats to all if this. One is all the stuff really that good? I doubt it, even with my own books I write. Second, I hope we find the will to recycle all that paper. You know, take the time to renew what we don’t need. Sometimes it takes years to grow a tree. If we keep needing ‘hard copy’ where will get the paper to have all that information at or finger tips?


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  1. ogoya31
    Posted June 18, 2007 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    Good way to measure how close we are to a paperless society is to watch how many people continue to carry briefcases. Good blog. Im sure there are two sides to the stroy. But then again can there be two sides without paper.

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