Sammy Does It! The last Sosa Watch

Sammy Sosa hit his 600th home run against, of all teams, the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs traded Sosa in 2005 after a difficult season that year,

Sosa came back to baseball, after quitting the game for a year: As he called it, for rejuvenation after being injured while playing for the Baltimore Orioles.

It seems kind of fitting that He would hit his 600th against the Cubs. He had 545 home runs with the Cubs, including 3 years where he hit 60 or more homers. In 1998, he was in a homerun race with Mark McGuire for the first to hit 70 home runs. He lost out, hitting 66. Still up until 2004 he was the darling of the Cubs fan and was one reason why the Cubs packed them in at Wrigley Field.  Congratulations to Sammy for his achievement. He joins Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willy Mays and Barry Bonds in the exclusive 600 club.

With this, I’m done with the Sammy Watch. It’s been a blast, but now it’s on to other topics to fill my space on the Internet. Now I’ll really have to work on finding something to write about in these pages!


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