What’s It Like To Be A Cubs Fan

I wrote this for another site (Helium Actually) and thought I’d print it up here to share with the rest of you.Enjoy!

Being a fan of the Chicago Cubs is an exercise in futility and faith. Futility because like so much of life your dreams get broken and your hopes sashed. It is an exercise in faith because each spring you believe that this team will finally take the prize in their hands and not let go.

Each spring the cycle asserts itself. First the faith; that the Cubs will get to the World Series and finally win the whole thing. Than in the early days of fall, and the futility and realization that the team will not be in the play-offs. If they do make it to the play-offs, they somehow will lose and the cycle will begin again.

If the Cubs don’t blow their chances on the field the fans will help out. There are a lot of Bartmans’s out there ready to interfere with history. Then again, maybe they are not interfering with history, only helping it along. After all the cycle must complete itself.

There are generations of fans that have gone to their reward waiting for the Cub victory that has never happened in almost a century, fathers, grandfathers, sons and brothers. But the cycle goes forward. It never ends. Like the sun and the rains of summer and cold winds of fall it is part of the cycle of life. Whenever the cycle is finally broken, new life will begin and the die hard Cub fan will be no more.

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