Monthly Archives: July 2007

Some Things I’ve Noticed Lately

I was at a Wal-Mart in my hometown just recently (who hasn’t been in a Wal-Mart lately) and saw that they are revamping the store. In the process I’ve noticed that the prices are on the rise, especially in clothes. They might be in trouble here, since their base has been with people that shop […]

Greetings From Never Land

I have to admit, I had it easy over most of my adult life. I never really had to grow up and be all that responsible as I am now. Not being all that well, physically, I didn’t have the responsibility to such things as a home, other people and taking care of everything that […]

Weed Killer

This summer I’ve become a soldier in the battle against the weeds that grow in our garden and in our grass here at home. With the weather warm and muggy now in the Midwest, the weeds are sprouting up faster than an Al Quada cell in the US. At least once a week I perform […]

Cub Watch #1

Earlier this year I reported on Sammy Sosa reaching the 600 plateau for home runs. Now I turn my attention to the Chicago Cubs who are now in the thick of the divisional race and a wild card race to reach the play-offs in Baseball. The Cubs are 15-4 in the last few weeks after […]

Baseball, Life and Pajamas

A couple of days ago, I was watching the All Star game on television and was just relaxing. My mother, who lives with me peered at the game and asked, “Since when did they wear pajama bottoms at a ball came.  She was referring to the bottoms that the players wear. I looked and noticed […]

Are We With It

Watched a little of the Live Earth Concerts on Saturday and enjoyed a few of the performers. I’m not usually into the newer stuff that passes for popular music these days, but they did have some artists that I could relate to. I thought about this whole global warming thing. I keep going back and […]

Short Observations

These are some short observations that I thought I would share with all of you: SOMETHING I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE! Driving back form the drug store on July 3rd, I noticed that the gas prices actually went DOWN, instead of up. Usually the prices are about as high as possible around the 4th […]

50% or Discount

As you may know, I have the Medicare part d prescription plan to help with my drug cost since I am on disability with the heart-lung transplant. I am now in the ‘donut hole’ where I have to pay full price for the medication because of the gap in coverage. I wasn’t told of how […]