Are We With It

Watched a little of the Live Earth Concerts on Saturday and enjoyed a few of the performers. I’m not usually into the newer stuff that passes for popular music these days, but they did have some artists that I could relate to.

I thought about this whole global warming thing. I keep going back and forth on the issue. There is one thing that I can say however. Yes, maybe the whole idea of Global Warming is exaggerated, but do we want to find out that we are wrong. Want to bet the life of the planet, as we know it? Al Gore may seem a hypocrite to many, but he does make a point. There has been some violent weather around the earth these last few years: maybe the warming of the planet is the reason why. Give him the benefit of the doubt, he sounds sincere. But don’t ever believe that he invented the internet.

At least we could watch some performers rather than listen to the talking heads and watch cheap reality shows on TV Saturday. With all the heat in the country outside this weekend, you had to stay indoors, especially during the hottest part of the day.  Live Earth made for an entertaining time.

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