Cub Watch #1

Earlier this year I reported on Sammy Sosa reaching the 600 plateau for home runs. Now I turn my attention to the Chicago Cubs who are now in the thick of the divisional race and a wild card race to reach the play-offs in Baseball.

The Cubs are 15-4 in the last few weeks after hitting rock bottom at 9 games below .500 almost a month ago. They have played their best baseball since then, getting back into the race and exciting the city of Chicago and the area. They have done it with good pitching (especially the relief work) and clutch hitting (not necessarily home runs).

Ever since Lou Pinella, the Cub manager went off on a third base umpire a few weeks ago, the Cubs have played like mad men ever since. I guess the team needed to see that the manager would stand up for them before they would play well for him. It worked and they have jelled into a good team since then.

I’ll be watching them for the rest of the summer. At least until they either win the whole thing or fade out of contention. Either way it should be fun or another heartache. Time will tell. Stay tuned.

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