Weed Killer

This summer I’ve become a soldier in the battle against the weeds that grow in our garden and in our grass here at home.

With the weather warm and muggy now in the Midwest, the weeds are sprouting up faster than an Al Quada cell in the US. At least once a week I perform a surge, using a sprayer filled to the brim with weed killer, dousing the weeds with the poison that hopefully, will kill the pesky buggers off.

I don’t succeed, of course. Once I kill a few of them off, they grow somewhere else. It’s a never- ending battle that I see not coming to an end until the first freeze of the fall.

Then the leaves will begin falling and I’ll have a new battle to attend. That will last until the first snow and then the millions and millions of snowflakes will have to be shoveled from the sidewalk. Then the spring will come and the weeds will return. Seems like a continual battle against the worst that nature can sock me with.

I guess someday I’ll have to decide whether I want to keep up the battle or maybe get Astro Turf. At least the weeds in the grass will be gone. Then it will be a constant battle to vacuum the lawn. The fun never ends.

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