Greetings From Never Land

I have to admit, I had it easy over most of my adult life. I never really had to grow up and be all that responsible as I am now. Not being all that well, physically, I didn’t have the responsibility to such things as a home, other people and taking care of everything that we associate in an adult world today. I could be something of a kid, only responsible to myself and could spend the rest of my time doing what ever I felt like doing.

Now that I have more to do, I have this conflict on what I feel like doing and doing what I have to. I can’t fluff off the day, playing video games and fooling around on the Internet. I have to weed the garden, go the store, take my Mother to the doctor, clean the house, maybe make dinner, and so on.

Then there’s the job, doing my writing, getting my second novel ready for publication, and so forth. Yep, there is a lot on my plate. I have no time to be free and easy, just doing what I feel like at one moment to another, I have to buckle down like the rest of the good folks and do the work in front of me.

I’m not complaining, however. In some ways I like the new me. This the reason I had the heart-lung transplant. I wanted to do more. I got my wish, so I can’t ever complain. I wish that I learned these skills earlier. I wouldn’t be a mind burner as it sometimes is now. The transition from kid to adult would have been easier. Now it’s a lick start from never land to adult world. I’m hoping I’ll make the change gracefully.


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    I hope you grow up gracefully — but I hope you always keep one foot outside of the “adult world”… I’m glad you got a second chance to allow you to do a little more growing!

    I’ve got my own heart — but I too am breathing with blowers that don’t belong to me — it’s an AMAZING thing… I’m lucky enough to have learned who my donor is – I have a little tribute to her at

    And, a precious friend just got two new lungs after struggling 28 years with severe asthma — I blogged about her at

    The blog is associated with the My Angel Foundation that’s run by a neat guy, Ted, who got a kidney from his Mom last August — he started it in her honor… Revive Hope is the blog arm and Ted and I and Jenn, a precious friend of my donor, are the contributors…

    You take care of those extra parts… I’m very happy for you…



    Steve Ferkau
    Chicago, IL

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