Some Things I’ve Noticed Lately

I was at a Wal-Mart in my hometown just recently (who hasn’t been in a Wal-Mart lately) and saw that they are revamping the store. In the process I’ve noticed that the prices are on the rise, especially in clothes. They might be in trouble here, since their base has been with people that shop looking for the less expensive items.

I know that they want to improve their image, but it will be risky if people decide that they don’t need to go to Wal-Mart to lose an arm or a leg to get their clothes. They could go anywhere and experience that.

We had a gully washer of a storm last week and our basement flooded, because the sump pump couldn’t handle 3 inches of rain in an hour. It was a mess and thank God it’s pretty much cleaned up. That was one way to get some exercise. I always knew that getting a heart-lung transplant would be put to good use.

After 30 some years I finally got a garage to put my car in. We got rid of my Mom’s old car. It was not a junk. It was in excellent condition. A friend of mine bought it.  We even left the Jesus stuff in it. Figured that have a car protected by the Jesus Auto League is an added bonus. We didn’t charge extra for the perk.

Finally, I decided that my next book for Nano would be a science fiction book along the lines of Star Wars or Star Trek. One twist, however. I’ll have one of the main characters based a little on the Pirates of the Caribbean. A little of all kinds of worlds should make for an interesting book or a total mess. Either way, as long as I get to 50,000


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  1. Peter
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    mzybe reading something like ‘Tales of the Blue Waters’ — on or even ‘Foxy and Jost Van Dyke.’ Then, of course, there is ‘Save The Bales’ — found also on

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