Monthly Archives: August 2007

End Of A Long Week- And Summer

Today is the start of the Labor Day Weekend. It’s also the last big weekend of the summer. I usually feel that summer ends on Labor Day and winter starts on Thanksgiving. They aren’t the official or calendar end of the seasons, but it’s the way I usually feel. Spring starts with the first pitch […]

Cubs Watch #4

The Cubs won last night, beating the Brewers 5-3. Extending their lead on the Brewers to 2.5 games. It seems like the Milwaukee team is fading from the race in the late summer. However, the St. Louis Cardinals are now in second place. The Cards are on a hot streak lately and looks like the […]

Theological Wanderings

I have to admit I don’t wear my religion on my sleeve. I’m pretty personal about it. I was thinking about this as I recalled that a good friend of mine is now a youth minister. When you think of how we were in our earlier life, it sounds pretty funny. But, like life itself, […]

An Urban Legend

In Hanover Township in Indiana, there’s a real life urban legend on the run or walk if you must get technical about it. Years ago someone stood on a corner in the township with a sign saying “will work for clothes and shoes.” A short time later that person left, apparently getting his wish. Still […]

Cubs Watch #3

A little update on the Chicago Cubs: With the loss Monday afternoon against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Cubs dropped into a tie with the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the NL Central. There are 39 games left in the regular season. The Cardinals are three games back. So far, it looks to be […]

Great Storm Of 2007

I’ve been off for a while dealing with storm damage from a rainstorm that occurred in Northwest Indiana this past week.  We had winds over 70 miles and hour (Some still insist it was a small tornado, sounds nice, but it probably was a straight line wind). It caused damage to several large trees and […]

Cartoons Revisited

As you know, in the last few years there has been a spate of cartoon comedies that have appeared on network and cable TV. There has been ‘American Dad, ‘Family Guy,’ ‘Rugrats,’ ‘South Park,’ and of course the granddaddy of them all ‘The Simpsons,’ I don’t really watch any of them much, as I’m more […]

Dude, Where’s My Bubble Gum?

I was in Target a couple of days ago, doing a little shopping and waiting for my mother to finish hers. I usually take her out shopping after one of her doctor appointments and this was one of those times. Anyway, I was wandering around Target when I came to a display of trading cards, […]

My Book Is Out

Well finally my book is out. I wrote “In The Company of Legends” last year for, which holds a contest every year to write a 50 thousand -word book in the month of November. This book is the result of accepting the challenge. The basic story is about a major leaguer that has trouble […]

Bonds Hits His Record Breaker-Does It Matter?

I was just in the process of going to bed last night when I happened to turn on ESPN. Barry Bonds was at bat, again trying for no. 756. This time he got it with a drive to right center. The crowd of course went nuts. They stopped the game and had Willie Mays speak […]