4 Movies and a Book

My ‘wild’ Saturday Night consisted of watching parts of 4 movies and reading an interesting book, This goes to show you that life can be simple if not dull sometimes. It also can be relaxing. I had a busy week and really needed that break last night,

What were the movies? They were in no particular order: 1) Shanghai Noon. I always have liked Jackie Chan because he usually plays against the usual Martial Arts type. He does a good job in playing that role again in this western. 2) Independence Day. This is another movie that goes against type. Usually the creatures from outer space are the good guys. Not in this movie though. They are evil and trying to take over the earth. 3) Rocky III. This was the last of the great Rocky movies. This is where Rocky’s manager dies and he has to find who he is before the big fight. After this one the Rocky movies go stale and I lost interest. Sly Stallone get worse as an actor he soon turns to comedy. 4) Gladiator. The only thing that Russell Crowe was good in . That was mostly because he could play being surely and angry, pretty much like he is in real life.

The book ‘1491’ finished off my evening. It’s about America just before Columbus ‘discovered’ it. It relates the fact that the ‘indian’ cultures were much more advanced than has been alluded to in the history books. It the first good book I’ve run across in a long time.

Yep, that’s how I spent Saturday night. Just channel surfing and reading a book. For real excitement I play Madden Football on my Playstation 2. I think I’ll keep it that way


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