My Book Is Out

Well finally my book is out. I wrote “In The Company of Legends” last year for, which holds a contest every year to write a 50 thousand -word book in the month of November. This book is the result of accepting the challenge.

The basic story is about a major leaguer that has trouble hitting after getting injured. The Big Guy (God) sends him help in the form of the spirits of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Ted Williams. The rest follows from that.

You can get the book here at . I hope that many of you will take the opportunity to check it out and perhaps buy it. It is suitable for almost any age, especially teenagers and those that enjoy sports stories.

By the way, why did I choose to publish my book: Mostly, because they gave me the most for my money and time. Including a great cover and an excellent printing service. The book looks and feels professional. There was nothing wrong with they are good. But the time and effort I put in to this book (almost 6 months) meant I wanted to have it look as good as I possibly can. So far they have done an excellent job of communicating and addressing any issues. Much better than Lulu has done.

I look forward to hearing from you about this book and any experiences you have with Booklocker or any other self- publisher site. Maybe we can lead other to good sites, I hope so, anyway.


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    Sounds interesting. I will definately check it out.

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