Great Storm Of 2007

I’ve been off for a while dealing with storm damage from a rainstorm that occurred in Northwest Indiana this past week.  We had winds over 70 miles and hour (Some still insist it was a small tornado, sounds nice, but it probably was a straight line wind). It caused damage to several large trees and evergreens in my neighborhood. It also caused quite a stir in a neighborhood that is usually quiet and peaceful.

It took the city about 3 days to pick up the trees and get our area back to some sense of normal. I think that the power is now on at most of the homes in the block and people will soon be back to keeping to themselves and their friends and not getting together to help each other out.

That is one thing that the storm did. It got people in the neighborhood to band together and help each other. There hasn’t been that kind of spirit here since the blizzard of 1967, which dumped two feet of snow here. Then everyone got out and dug out the street and got the cars running. This time the storm got people out to check on neighbors, and clean up the street and lawns that were left with twigs and debris from the powerful winds. When the snowstorm hit I was young and couldn’t do much; this time, however I was glad to help out, especially since I could now that I had the transplant and could be of some use.

It was good to be a part of community yesterday. I know it won’t always be that way unless we get another storm. But for a while, our block came together and did something to help each other out. For a while we were not alone.


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