Theological Wanderings

I have to admit I don’t wear my religion on my sleeve. I’m pretty personal about it. I was thinking about this as I recalled that a good friend of mine is now a youth minister. When you think of how we were in our earlier life, it sounds pretty funny. But, like life itself, there’s always change.

My theological landscape these days is something of a mess. For instance in my new book ‘In the Company of Legends,’ I speak of heaven as a place where one gets the opportunity to do what he or she always wanted to do. If you liked baseball, you could play baseball; if you liked writing you could write; if you enjoyed being a housewife, there surely would be a home for you to clean, fix up and make a good dinner in. It was your reward for not always being able to do whatever you liked, giving up your dreams for some greater good.

I suppose the ‘Big Guy,’ God, as he is called in my book is going to have to find a lot of places for me. I wanted to be a baseball player, a rock star, and a weather- man at one time or another in my life.  Oh yea, now I love to write.

As a Catholic, I don’t know if my personal view of heaven is compatible with what the Church teaches. But it does give me some hope. Heaven, like life, is what you make of it. I hope none of us ever lose the sense of imagination or that sense of hope.


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