Monthly Archives: September 2007

Age Of Innocence Revisited

A lot of times, when I take my walk, I do a lot of thinking. It’s a good time to just let your mind wander and let whatever thoughts come into your head sort of bang around and develop. The last few days are no exception for me. Let me share with you one thing […]

When Free Is Not really Free (Or Even Discounted)

I’m sure there are many of you like me who have to take a prescription drug that is so expensive that it would mean you would have to rob a bank to pay for it. Of course you could become a rich CEO and be able to pay for the medication. But let’s stick with […]

Cub Watch #5

While Arizona and New York have seen their leads shrink in each of the National League Divisions, the Cubs have managed to widen their lead slightly. They are now 1 1/2 games in front of the Brewers in the NL Central. They won the last two ball games in dramatic fashion, with some good pitching […]

Are You Bored?

I’m always looking into sites where I can while away my time when I get stuck at a critical point in my writing, either my novel or my blog. While bouncing around this afternoon I ran across a site called So far it has been pretty good. I found out how stupid I am […]

Digital Snoops

I read an interesting article on how we have lost our privacy through the advent of the computer and the Digital World. I’m not a computer geek. Yes, I’m comfortable with a computer and know my way around a keyboard. But I really don’t know about all the different programs that take all the information […]

3,000 and Some Questions

Recently I went to way over 3,000 hits on my blog, which is posted on three sites, WordPress, Myspace and Yahoo360. Each now has recorded over 1,000 hits on each. That’s not a lot I’m sure. Especially when some of you have sites devoted to certain aspect of your job, hobby, or area of interest. […]

Getting Ready For Fall

We had our first cold front move through the Calumet Region this morning, with temperatures in the 40’s. It was cold enough to put the heat on for the first time in several months. It was nice and cozy in bed, my covers up to my nose and hugging my pillow. You know what this […]

Chicago Sports Watch

I thought I’d combine the reporting of both the Cubs and Bears and Oops (!) the White Sox, just to be fair. Unfortunately all three teams lost Sunday. The Cubs dropped out of first place, losing to the Pirates 10-5. They have had a rough go of it lately. It’s starting to look like one […]

Is This Conversion or What?

Yesterday, I went to a funeral wake for the father of a dear friend who was part of the Handicapped Awareness Group I was involved with during the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. I had an errand to run before I arrived and got there a little early. I didn’t want to just hang around and I […]

Key Master

Yesterday, I came home from church with my Mom and proceeded to do what I have been doing for years. That is, opening the door to the house to let us in. As I told my mother to hold on I’ll unlock the door, my mother said, as she looked at all my keys on […]