Illegal Bananas

Recently it was learned that an artist is planning to launch a giant banana from Mexico that will eventually float over the stat of Texas some time in 2008. This has mushroomed into a plot to launch virtually hundreds of these bananas that will cover the skies of America.

Already there are protests being formed against this invasion of giant bananas from Mexico. Bill O’ Reilly, Glen Beck and Lou Dobbs have called on the INS to form an INS Air Force to intercept and turn back any bananas that happen to fly into U.S. Territory without any proper authorization. Congressman Tom Tancredo has been quoted as as saying that the Dole Corporation should not have anything to do with any illegal bananas that has flown over the border into the United States. And that if they do, that the management should be imprisoned and/or fined for accepting the flying bananas without checking on where they came from.

The Dole Corporation has said that without a good program in place, they cannot identify where any flying bananas come from and try as nest they can to only purchase legal flying bananas.

President Bush meanwhile has launched a path for a guest banana program that would give any flying banana a way to fly over the Country as long as the banana learns English and pays a $10,000 fine. The Democrats have urged the President to go easy on the flying bananas, fearing that bananas launched in the United States would be hurt by being lumped together with all bananas and would weaken the ties between all bananas in many circumstances.

Time will tell whether this plot will ever get off the ground. Stay tuned.

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