Key Master

Yesterday, I came home from church with my Mom and proceeded to do what I have been doing for years. That is, opening the door to the house to let us in. As I told my mother to hold on I’ll unlock the door, my mother said, as she looked at all my keys on my keychain, “Go ahead, you’re the key master.”

I looked at my keys and thought, “Wow, I thinks she’s right! I am the key master these days!” Thinking about it more I thought of all the things that I open and close each week as I go through my routine of getting through another week.

I open and lock the house each time when I leave and arrive at home. I have keys to the department at work; which I use each time I work. I used to open the department each day when I came to work in the morning (I usually was the first one there). These days I work evenings, so I lock up the place at night since I am the last to leave.

I have keys to my car and used to have keys to my parents car until we sold it recently. I even have keys to the tabernacle at he chapel at work, since I volunteer as communion minister there on Fridays. One thing I don’t have is the answer to everything else in life. Now, I might have that key, but maybe I haven’t found the right way to use it yet.

Maybe that’s the point. It’s easy to be a key master; it’s hard to know how to use all the keys effectively. It takes time to learn how to be a good key master. It’s a responsibility I have to work at each and every day.  I would love to tell you when I have mastered all the keys, but then I guess you would never hear from me.

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