Is This Conversion or What?

Yesterday, I went to a funeral wake for the father of a dear friend who was part of the Handicapped Awareness Group I was involved with during the ‘80’s and ‘90’s.

I had an errand to run before I arrived and got there a little early. I didn’t want to just hang around and I wanted something to drink, a Coke or a Pepsi would do. Looking around I spotted a sports bar a few doors down. I figured I could get a Coke there and just quietly contemplate life while waiting to see my friend and offer my condolences.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quiet. I should have known better to think that any sports bar would be a quiet place to have a Coke. But it was the middle of the afternoon.  I thought all the loud, crazy people would be out later.

There weren’t many people there but the music was the noisy punk type rock that is somewhat popular today. They had a large screen TV showing some video that showed something a kin to a drug bust gone violent and skimpy dressed girls dancing. The barkeep was a young thing, nice looking, but way too young for a 54 year old dude like my self, no matter how good looking I seem to be LOL.

So much for peace and quiet and contemplation; I did think that perhaps 20 to 25 years ago, I would have enjoyed the scene. Today, I’d rather read a book or watch a good ball game than head bang with the rest of the crowd.

So I thought, is this conversion or just mellowing out? I prefer mellowing out, but something tells me that perhaps there’s a conversion of a sort going on. I’m still restless at times, bur I don’t feel the same anymore. Taking care of responsibility, day after day has changed me. It’s for the good, I’m sure. But to say, I’m surprised, wouldn’t be a wring statement, either.


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