Getting Ready For Fall

We had our first cold front move through the Calumet Region this morning, with temperatures in the 40’s. It was cold enough to put the heat on for the first time in several months. It was nice and cozy in bed, my covers up to my nose and hugging my pillow. You know what this means? No, not the raking of the leaves and getting ready for Halloween: but Nanowrimo.

For the past two years, I have written novels as part of a challenge for This year, again I will take up the challenge of writing another story for the site and hopefully finish the project of writing 50 thousand words in thirty days. I have a story ready to go all outlined and character treatments worked out.  This is probably the most detailed story I’ve ever accomplished. Now it’s a matter of writing and getting the story finished.

This will probably be the last Nano I’m going to do. This is for a number of reasons: First, last year it was hard to finish. My mother became ill just at the time of the start of Nano. For the whole month I had to write in between the hospital visits and taking care of things at home. I did have a lot of time at night to write and I did write, but it was a tiring process. My Mom is fine this year and hopefully will be fine throughout the November challenge month. But, I wouldn’t want to go through the challenge with a sick person to worry about again.

Second, I have another idea for a book that I want to work on next year. I believe it will take some time to write and edit. So, I want to start on it right away, probably in January. No, it’s not a novel, but a kind of essay book. Self-help, if you wish to know. I think I have a good handle and a good niche here. Perhaps, this book will be the kind of book to attract some publisher or literary agent. I think so and hopefully they would too. Any way, It’s worth a try.

I’ll still try to keep the blogs coming. I enjoy the writing and it has been a gas to hear from some of you. If you want, join me in taking up the Nanowrimo challenge and we can share together on this blog. I hope you do. Let the artist within you escape. After all, I like to think that there’s a little Shakespeare in all of us.


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