3,000 and Some Questions

Recently I went to way over 3,000 hits on my blog, which is posted on three sites, WordPress, Myspace and Yahoo360. Each now has recorded over 1,000 hits on each.
That’s not a lot I’m sure. Especially when some of you have sites devoted to certain aspect of your job, hobby, or area of interest. I tend to write about general things; my writing, what is going on in life and around the neighborhood.

For those who have taken time to read my words, Thanks! I hope I give you some entertainment and some food for thought. I’ll keep blogging, if you keep reading!

Now let me share and ask you something. I am planning to write a book of essays in the next year that I hope will be a kind of Philosophy of life and how I came to think of life the way I do. Nothing too profound, just sharing what I pick up over the years and what I have learned while recovering from my heart-lung transplant and my time recovering from the setbacks during my recovery.

But I want to ask you, the reader, some questions. Perhaps I can incorporate them into the book and widen my own viewpoint. At this point I would be thinking of using some of your answers as part of the book, keeping any answers anonymous as I can possibly make it.

My questions are these: What is your philosophy of life? How did you come to your thinking? What are the things that make you happy or sad? How do you deal with the stresses of life? Who are your heroes?

If there is anything you want to tell me besides what I ask; go right ahead, share all that you want. I’m open to hearing what you have to say, perhaps a conversation can be shared and all of us can grow and understand each other more. I’m waiting to hear, if you’re ready to share.


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