Digital Snoops

I read an interesting article on how we have lost our privacy through the advent of the computer and the Digital World.

I’m not a computer geek. Yes, I’m comfortable with a computer and know my way around a keyboard. But I really don’t know about all the different programs that take all the information about us as we go about our daily lives. It’s tremendous! It’s also a little scary! Just think, especially here, we’re we write and publish our thoughts and the happenings in our lives. One wrong comment can ruin your chances for a job, a marriage, or a friendship.

Making an online application for a job?  Make sure you are truthful and have your facts and dates right. Someone else may check on it later. Making a statement about your current job or boss? Don’t do it! Someone (like your boss) may read it. Then you may get the sack tomorrow.

Talking negatively about your spouse or friend on your blog? Prepare to be very alone, very soon.

I’m not even talking about other data -bases that you may be on: When you charge or buy an item at a store; or online; or over your phone (Cell or land phone, it doesn’t matter).

Then there is digital mapping and cameras set up to catch the bad guys at work. All great ideas but….

One poor guy, a secret smoker was caught twice within onr year lighting up. He couldn’t even have a quiet smoke anonymously.

We’ve created a monster. We’ve enslaved ourselves.  I suppose it’s ok if we don’t mind the security that some of the things we have created is at the expense of out privacy.  I, myself, however would rather have a bit more privacy. I don’t think all this snooping will ever keep me all that safe. In fact it may be used against me and you, in the long run.


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