Are You Bored?

I’m always looking into sites where I can while away my time when I get stuck at a critical point in my writing, either my novel or my blog. While bouncing around this afternoon I ran across a site called

So far it has been pretty good. I found out how stupid I am (way more stupid than I’ll ever admit even in private). I found out when I’m supposed die, using certain health factors (I wonder if I should mention that I had a heart-lung transplant? That might change the odds).  I also wrote a phony newspaper article to amaze and fool my friends and relatives.

Now, I’m not really that bored. I have a lot to do at home. I spent the whole morning weeding the garden and putting bricks along the part of the house that sometimes gets seepage during a bad rainstorm.

But it is a good way to wind down after a long day at the office or working around the house. You might want to get bored with me when you have the chance.

For now, I think I’ll check out the ball game (Cubs, of course) and maybe play a little football later on my Playstation 2. Nothing like being a kid once in a while: No wonder I’m not married.


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