Age Of Innocence Revisited

A lot of times, when I take my walk, I do a lot of thinking. It’s a good time to just let your mind wander and let whatever thoughts come into your head sort of bang around and develop. The last few days are no exception for me. Let me share with you one thing I have been thinking about.

A lot of us think about how nice the good ol’ days were. For a lot of us when we were growing up we had little responsibility and a whole lot of time to explore the world around us. Especially when we were just out of high school and going to our first job and perhaps going to college.

I know I did. I could live on 20 dollars for two weeks. Today I can spend almost 30 dollars in one day and barely survive. Music was really music and you never heard a dirty word unless you listened to the Fish cheer. Somewhat like now we were against a war, mostly because we might end up fighting it. Not sending our kids to fight it.

Recently I learned that the local college, where I got my degree, cost $10,000 dollars a year to go to. It cost me about a thousand a year when I went in the 70’s. And that was living at home. Most of us didn’t have to worry about our parents. They were alive and well; working, taking vacations, being active in the community and so on.

We still had all our hair; our teeth, hearing and what ever else back then. No worries about replacement parts then.

Life was simple, even innocent and fun. No worries about family, the world, responsibilities or anything like that. It probably was the happiest time of our lives. NO wonder there are times that we want to visit those days again.

But we can’t. That is the reality and truth we have to face these days. Suck it up, move on, stay the course (except for the war). We still have some life in us. A few more years and the young stuff of today will be in our boat; caring for us, worrying about the state of the world, probably fighting another war. The circle of life continues. We don’t escape it. In the end, we wouldn’t want it any other way.


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