Cub Watch #6

The Cubs regular season ended yesterday with a loss, but don’t despair. The second season is coming! The Play-offs start Wednesday with the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix.

This will be a tough series for the Cubs. The Diamondbacks are deep in pitching and had a 4-2 edge in the regular season over the Cubs. The Cubs however, are a hot ball club right now and their starting pitching has been nothing short of great over the last month. I look for a hard fought series over the long run. Anything can happen in a short series. Look for it to go down to the wire.

One story needs mentioning. Kerry Wood is a true comeback player this year. He worked hard to over come shoulder problems earlier in the year to become an effective middle relief pitcher for the team over the month of September. I always have liked Kerry the K (for strikeouts). If nothing else it will be nice to see him back in the pennant run, though in a different role. He was a starter in 2003 for the Cubs, when they lost out to the dreaded Marlins and Bartman (Just Kidding).

I would suggest the Cubs ban all Billy goats from Wrigley Field and tie the hands of all the fans along the right field wall. This is your chance, Cubbies. Take no prisoners; your time has come. We can’t wait another 99 years.


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