Seems like I spelled Keith Olbermann’s name wrong in my blog of a couple of days ago. It’s bad enough to be criticized by everyone, but have your name misspelled by an unknown blogger? Well, that’s what I am, an unknown blogger that can’t spell. So forgive me everyone. There are days that I shouldn’t try to get out of bed, let alone write something!

Nano is just 25 days away. I’m pretty much set to go. I can’t wait. Not to start, but to finish. The story I’m planning is fun, but I really want to start on the other story when I have the chance, probably in January. It’s about time I really got to thinking and writing about the Calumet Region and what it does to people that live around here at one time or another.

I think that no matter what, no one can leave home. This is no matter where one lives. Your hometown will be with you until you die. You can never escape where you once lived and grew up. Believe me, I know people that escaped the Calumet Region, and still years later still some aspect of the Region with them as they live in other parts of the country and world.

I’m stuck here. I don’t mind. It’s home. It invaded my first dreams I ever had and I suspect it will be part of the last dream I’ll ever have. I think everyone has thought like that about their hometown. We are what made us. We should be glad.

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