Taking A Stand Lightly

I had an interesting weekend, this past one. I worked this weekend, which was pretty boring. Usually on evenings on weekends, it’s usually a baby-sitting job. Just answering the phone and door and stocking supplies that was left over the from Friday night. So, no big deal here.

I also had a chance to use a web site that I don’t use that often. That site is Fanstory.com.
I use the site on occasion to see how some things that I write are reacted to. Usually they are first drafts of short stories and some poetry. I usually critique a few stories and garner some points or ‘dollars,’ and use the ‘money’ to buy a better place for things that I’ve written to see how people feel about what I write.

I critiqued a poem that was your basic put down on Bush and Cheney and the Iraq War.  Mostly, it was an invective of Bush and Cheney. While I could understand and even agree with her feelings, the piece just didn’t work for me as a poem. As an essay it would have worked, but as a poem, nope.

Almost immediately, I received a reply from the author, telling me that I against free speech and that I didn’t understand the political process and corrupt politicians.

I wrote back explaining my background from the ‘60’s and early ‘70’s and beyond. Explaining that I just thought the piece did not work as a poem. Back and forth the argument went on. Pretty wearying, except to me it was funny. I guess a lot of people gave her high mark for the piece and she couldn’t believe that anyone could not like what she had written.

After about eight e-mails we called a truce. I never changed my opinion of the piece and I guess she got tired of trying to convince me.

The next day, I ran across another poem she had written about being married to a porn king. Again it didn’t work as a poem. But, as a short story it would be fine. Needless to say, I think I’ll pass on this one. I don’t want the poor lady to get an inferiority complex. I won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.


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    you no doubt figured i would not see this. i am not a poor lady and am not sure of what i want to say here (if anything) except that you are a liar. i want you to post these so called emails, as i do not give my email address to strangers on any website. if you mean pm’s, post them. i have never had the occassion to argue with anyone repeatedly regarding a review. how did i know you meant me? i do not. it’s just a gut feeling.

    reviews are there for a reason, sir. embracing the moment would be most appropriate in the review scenario. i am not a professional writer.

    i would never tell anyone that they did not understand the political process. that would be extremely pompous and arrogant on anyone’s behalf.

    get a life, or at the very least, something to do besides fabricating tall tales.

    kentucky sweet pea

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    Sorry if you are offended, but I also write ’em as I see :em, I’ll just stand by what I said and leave it as that. I moved on months ago. Thanks for reading!

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