The Last Cub Watch, 2007

The weather finally turned cooler in the Midwest this week. Temps are more like fall instead of summer. I went out today with a sweater and light gloves when I took my walk. So, I guess it’s time to put a wrap on the Chicago Cubs baseball season.

As you all know, the Cubs were swept by Arizona 3 games to none and eliminated in the NLDS. Disappointing as it is, you can’t deny that the Cubs had an interesting season and a fun one to boot.

We got to see the manager Lou Piniella scream the team into a frenzy; and get into first place. We saw the battery team Barrett and Zambrano duke it out in the dugout. Derek Lee fought it out with a San Diego pitcher and got suspended for five games.

The team kept us on the edge of our seats all summer. It was fun and a good show.

The team needs to be more consistent in hitting and hopefully, their starting pitching will be better, especially the four and five starters. They need a better lead-off hitter. Soriano is good, but I think he would be better as a two or three in the order instead of first. Then his lead-off homers can be 2 or 3 runs instead of one run. Better to get a 3 run lead instead of a one run lead.

But I’m not complaining. I didn’t expect the Cubs to be in it as they were this year. Despite the disappointment, I’m looking forward to 2008. I hope you are too.


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    The year was far better than I expected early in the season. I do not think this team needs much tweaking. One of the few tweaks is as much as I like Matt Murton I think the team should trade him to a place he can play everyday. It is evident he does not fit into their future plans in the outfield and his fielding is sub par. If Floyd does retire I would like to see them try moving Patterson to the outfield and see if he gels like Soriano has.

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    Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

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