That Time of the Season

I took a walk this weekend while going to the bank and checking out my big bucks (?). I thought that with the place so short a distance from my house, a walk would be a great time to get some well-needed exercise in.

On the way back from the bank I saw a couple of leaves fall from the branches of the trees in the neighborhood near my house. I thought to myself “oh, oh, the raking season will soon be starting. Better get my self in shape for the work ahead.

Luckily. We had one of our big trees cut down. That should save me some work. It was a sweet gum tree that not only dropped a lot large leaves, but a lot of spiked pods. They looked a lot like little Sputniks in the grass. They were hard to rake and took up as much space in the bags of leaves as the leaves themselves.

Then there’s the rest of the work.  Putting away the yard stuff. You know, the illegal duck, the squirrels (stone type, not real ones), lawn furniture and taking down the garden.

Sounds like a lot of work? It is! But I don’t really mind. It means the Holidays are coming.  The winter will start off nice and joyous. By February, I’ll be ready for the baseball season and a chance to watch the Cubs try again to get that elusive World Series Trophy.


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