Crazy Week

This past week is one week I think I will remember for a while. If nothing else, it will be for the up and down emotions that I went through as the week progressed.

This past week I was in a sense, laid off from my job. I say it that way because the job was in a sense always a bit temporary and there was always a chance that it could be eliminated. But after 3 years of working at the position, one would feel a bit comfortable working there. I’m not mad, however. It’s just another challenge to work through and one that I hope I can learn from and persevere. So, as Eva Peron once said (Or Madonna, if you saw the movie, Evita), Don’t cry for me Argentina. I’ll blog a bit about the job search experience and if you have any advice, just comment to me.

Also, we are 10 days from doing Nano. I have a book already to write out. It will be a science fiction story called Space Pirates. It’s sort of Star Wars meets Pirates of the Caribbean. The only thing I need to figure out is how to put in a Keith Richards father figure.  I have someone who is also writing a novel for Nano this year. Jane Ammoson from the NWI Times. She is planning a blog so people can follow her progress.

Which brings me to the other personal news this week. After being hit with the job loss (Temporary or otherwise) this week. I find a nice interview and review of my last book in the local paper, NWI Times. It had a large picture of me with the article. It really woke me up in fright to see such a large picture of myself in the newspaper. Thanks Jane!

So I guess for the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about the job search and the Nano adventure. Again if you have some job search advice, feel free to write. I never had to do a job search before since I always worked since high school at the hospital.

Also, if you want to do a Nano or are doing one let me know. I’ll let people know. Then we cab cheer on each other and have other s cheer us on. For now, it’s “on your mark…”

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