Serial Update

With seven days to go before Nanowrimo kicks off, I’ve been busy organizing, and getting ready for the big write. I got my notes organized as well as my outline. I’ve already checked out my novel writing software, Z-WRITE, which seems to work well in keeping my notes and research only a click away. That will help when I set stuck in a character or plot snafu and I have to check my notes real quick. I like the program and would recommend it to any one writing creatively.

I got a lot of compliments over the article in the newspaper over the weekend and when I went out this week. I even got a couple of e-mail messages from people I don’t know. I guess having a picture of me half the page in the paper will impress even the blindest of people. Now if they would buy the book!

I’ve also put in a few applications for my job hunt this week.  Maybe someone will connect the dots between; myself and the newspaper article and want to hire a celebrity? I doubt it, but I can dream can I?

Looks like a busy month a head. I guess I will have to concentrate on the job situation if an interview comes up. But Nano will prevail if the job search is slow. Either way, it will be an interesting November.


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