A Day In the Life…

I thought today I tell you something of what I’m doing today and some of my reactions to them. This won’t be a blow- by -blow account; after all how exciting is a bathroom break? However, there may be other things that might be interesting. So here goes:

Right now I just got up at 6 AM and check my e-mail and started to write this piece. Now I’ll go down prepare breakfast for myself and my Mom since she’s a little less able to do these type of things than before she got sick last year.

Then I’ll get dressed and go over to deliver communion to the hospital patients, as I do every Friday morning. It will be a little strange since I am now no longer working here; having been laid off last week. I’m not really mad about that, but it will be strange. I also get to do a drug run for some medications for my mother. I’ll drop them off and pick them up with lunch on the way back form Communion Ministry…. Off I go!

Well, I finished Communion ministry. Believe it or not, I enjoy doing it. Most of the people I visit are grateful and I get a chance to do something good and touch people lives for a few short minutes. It was a little hard today. I met someone who had a trach and was on a ventilator; Sort of like I was a few years ago. He was totally frustrated and of course scared. You could just see it in his face. I really feel for people like that. Being an older person, I hope he can come around and be successful and off the ventilator.

I did a few other errands and pick up a couple of slices of pizza for lunch for Ma and I. Now I got to get ready and go take my Mom to the Cardiologist to have her pacemaker tested and let her do some shopping. So off the seethe wizard again…

Another unusual thing happened today. I got another e-mail from someone in my past. I’m not sure that I wanted to hear from her, but as long as it’s just friends conversation I suppose it’s ok. The gal was a bit on the dramatic side when I knew her back then and I have seen where things have not always changed. I may be wrong and I don’t want to base a friendship on what happed 20-25 years ago, but until I know better I’ll keep a little distance.

I’m at the end of the day. I took Mom to the Doctors and did some shopping. Mostly I ran around all day. It’s not always like this. Sometimes the day goes by like a leaf on a quiet river. Then sometimes the river will act up and the whole world goes by in a rush of a current that can overwhelm and take your breath away. It’s part of the ebb and flow of life. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s what makes each of us alive. It keeps us whole and connected. Boring or busy, I hope your day was all that you hoped it would be.


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