Monthly Archives: November 2007

Three Elves and Holiday Cheer

We’re in the midst of the holiday rush and the time to enjoy all the rushing around that we have to do. Fun, isn’t it? I started thinking about it about a week before Thanksgiving. I don’t dread it. Actually, I look forward to it. There are certain things that get me to thinking about […]

Did It! Another Nano Won

As of this morning I have officially won the Nanowrimo novel writing contest. I’m at 50,566 words and really not quite finished. I do have a little way to go about another 500 words I think. But I’ll finish that during the rest of the month. I can relax now. I had a lot of […]

A Nano Preview

I’m coming along with the Nano novel in good time. I’m up to 43,000 words and counting as of Friday afternoon, 11-16-08. To celebrate I thought I’d leave you with Chapter 25 of my book. I think it’s half -way decent, though it still needs some work.  So bear with the mistakes! If you have […]

Push To Finish Nano

As of last night I reached over 39,000 words for Nanowrimo. Once I get some things out of the way today, I plan a push to get to my 50,000 -words, hopefully, before Thanksgiving. That’s my plan. Whether I make it or not depends on what happens on me not surfing the Internet. I have […]

Slogging Through Nano

As of yesterday, I got to 35,000 words in my story for Nanowrimo. I have to admit that the last 1,000 I have been slogging it.  You usually get that way about the whole process by that time.  Even if you really like your story, you get this way, as if getting to the final […]

Nano Update 2

Today is November 6, 2007, the sixth day of Nano and I feel that I’m behind. I’ve had to do a lot of other things these last few days and have not had the chance to write I had hoped to do. The story itself is going fine. It sometimes seems that the characters themselves […]

Nano Update

This is the third day for Nanowrimo. So far, I’ve been able to keep up with everything and not have a writing breakdown. So far I’ve written about 4,000 words. The story itself is pretty fresh. I’ll let you know how fresh it feels at about 25,000 words. That’s when everyone begins to hit the […]