Nano Update 2

Today is November 6, 2007, the sixth day of Nano and I feel that I’m behind. I’ve had to do a lot of other things these last few days and have not had the chance to write I had hoped to do.

The story itself is going fine. It sometimes seems that the characters themselves have come up with solutions to the dilemmas that I put them in. That’s always a hoot and makes the story come alive and interesting for me.

In the next couple of days I’ll put an excerpt from the book here online and you can rip it up as much as you want. I’ll decide which section to send in the next couple of days.

The Job front is quiet since the interview Friday. I sent out a few more resumes and filled out a few more applications. But I don’t expect much for a bit yet.

So that is where things stand right now. Steady but a little slow. Hope your day is more productive then mine. I’ll keep writing and not try to wander around the internet. You just keep on reading.


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